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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 2, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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the building here and they represent the lives of the people killed on 2012. flowers also adorn the front steps. they were killed by former nursing student one goh who was disgruntled over a tuition dispute. he pled not guilty in napa after a judge found him not account continue to a -- not competent to stand trial. they now have a new bill that may have prevented the oikos university shooting but most are saying it would not have prevented it and it could create another step to purchase ammunition so the whole purchase price he is will be more -- process will be more difficult. an attorney for the california rifle association said they
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plan to sue if the bill passes and coming up in the next half hour, we will have more on memorial concerts planned for the victims of the oikos university shooting. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. this morning the national rifle association will also announce its plans for school shootings. coming up, the controversial measures they are taking to keep students safe. they are on the lookout for a suspected iphone thief. police believe this manhasset stolen five iphones from five random businesses in burlingame since wednesday. he goes into businesses, starts long conversations with employees, distracts them and steels from their desks. he is 6-foot two inches tall. they are investigating a
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crash to see if that driver was under the influence. the driver was under control and ended up in a ditch. the driver was also given a breath that'llizer -- breathalyzer test. they are telling us how project engineers have responded to the first sign of trouble on the bridge. >> reporter: the problem right now is there is no easy way to replace those bolts because there is no room toed anew ones, however engineers will have to figure out a way toed anew ones and they are using the steel bolts below the deck and a third of them snapped last month. caltrans tested the large bolts which failed and although it raised doubts how it would hold up during an earthquake they
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owe kayed -- okayed the installation anyway. the group which oversaw the manufacturing of the bolts tested them for hardness and to see if they could stretch during an earthquake. nine of the 14 tested passed, however five were said to be slightly below standards because hydrogen had been introduced and made them brittle. once they were shipped, it was assumed the hydrogen had been eliminated and there was no need to test for it and now they are testing a few rods at a private lab. back out here live, caltrans believes the opening will still happen but of course they have a lot of work to do between you now and then and we will bring you the very latest as it cents, the paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 morning news. he has resigned and has
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stepped down after an investigation into cyprus' community collapsed. he has been criticized with how he handled it and he was given a bailout after the banking sector threatened to destroy the economy. and they are using new threats of nuclear weapons. arrayed car platform now sits nearer to the korean coastline. in the meantime b2 bomb -- b-2 bombers have been sent there as well. >> it is about showing our friends in the region we are ready to protect them in the face of any threat. >> north korea has threatened to restart nuclear facility as part of a disor her meant -- disarmerment deal.
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they are due in court this morning and he faces several charges including assault with a deadly weapon. the monterey county man was on drugs when he deliberately crashed his car into the store and started attacking people inside with a metal object. he hurt several people and four people are among those seriously hurt. on our website you can watch what happened with customers and how they held down the suspect before police arrived. fortunately we found out we have a vehicle crash and i heard chp talking with dispatchers saying they will be clearing it quickly but it is southbound on the venetia bridge, solar crash into the
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wall and traffic is backing up but hopefully this will be clear and we will let you know when that is and after that pleasantton and walnut creek. the bridge is backed up and there are no major problems on the bridge itself but we are looking at a live picture approaching the 880 split which is not a bad problem and no problems getting on to the lower deck of the bay bridge. here is mark tamayo. we have a dry weather forecast and some rain clouds from yesterday are long gone. it is mild this afternoon and tomorrow we will increase high clouds throughout the afternoon hours and those clouds are producing some raindrops first thing thursday morning. temperatures are in the lower 40s to lower 50s, san jose 53 and livermore currently
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checking in 63 degrees. you will notice higher clouds overhead so it's not completely clear. this is our next storm approaching the coastline and that's scheduled to move in by thursday but you will notice its presence tomorrow with an increase in that high cloud deck. 45 and 50 degrees and by lunchtime 67 to 70 degrees and the eventual temperature range warmest locations will be approaching the 70s rang. antioch 71 downtown san francisco lower 60s and los gatos 70 degrees. with a look ahead on your five- day forecast for especially the morning commute into the weekend, there is a chance for a sprinkle, only a chance and we will look at it and the
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impact in the sierra by thursday. mark, i am looking at brian, sorry, mark is doing the weather. an act of vandalism in city hall, the questions deputies have surrounding the investigation and why security is now their top concern. michael jackson's last days begin today and why his mother is blaming a concert director for wrongful death. what is next for the women's basketball team as they advance to the final four, stay tuned.
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. welcome back time now 6:13, investigators are concerned about safety at city hall over the weekend. shawn o'neil was in custody and he now faces burglary vandalism and trespassing charges. he is accused of spraying graffiti in city hall and they are trying to figure out how he got inside since city hall was closed over the weekend. they found a man dead on the side of a building over the weekend. they found him hanging by a rope early yesterday morning. investigators found a bottle of spray paint on a nearby balcony. they will try determine the cause of death but police say
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it appears the man's death was just a tragic accident. they are searching for human bodies in the debris found in the world trade center. construction crews have collected 60 truck loads at sites over the past two years and the coroner's office will spend the next ten weeks ago through that debris on stat ten island. 2700 people died in the terrorist attacks and only 1600 have been identified. we are just weeks from hearing proposals on gun safety and as kyla campbell reports from the washington d.c. newsroom, the main focus is armed guards in schools. and they created the national school shield program in december. at 8:00 a.m. pacific the nra will layout its proposals for congress. they have created guidelines
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for those at the federal and state levels where they can implement them. 60 were gunned down and they plan to implement universal background checks for gun owners and biers -- buyers for those carrying 10 or more bullets. they are looking into how checks should go and should it include family members, president barack obama is taking new steps to push his agenda and i will have more on that when i see you next hour, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. people in west berkeley may see firefighters racing down the streets and no need to be alarmed, all week they are taking part in training exercises to prepare for multi-
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casualty accidents. people living in the area may see smoke, possibly hear some loud noises during the drill. jury selection begins in a wrongful death after the concert promoter. his mother accuses the doctor who looked after jackson as he prepared for a concert series in london. he was convicted in his death. police are searching for two bay area men in the county courthouse. johnson and bailey are suspensioned of steel gold and artifacts at the area last year. some of those artifacts date back to the late 1800s. the city says two needle
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drop boxes will be available 24 hours a day. one is located near san francisco city hall and the other is located near the church in the tenderloin. disposing of needles safely prevents the spread of hiv and hepatitis. they are marking world autism day today and they want to raise funding and at least for now there is no medical detection or cure. one out of every 50 children in the u.s. has been affected by autism. an opener of the college basketball, did the best of three series and shifts to fairfax virginia for a third game tomorrow. the third game will be played if necessary on friday. >> and that was the missed shot
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that was wanted against georgia in overtime sending them into their first final four in the school's history but cal did not make it easy on themselves. they found a way to win by missing just 34% and 24 of 30 free throw shots. it was their second win in the tournament and cal will now play against tennessee and louisville, both very tough teams. >> very exciting. >> and sal pointed out he was wearing his cal colors. i thought that was for ucla... >> no, no, you are very wrong about that. on the venetia bridge minor injuries and southbound 680 at the venetia bridge one car ran into the wall but it's not as serious as we first thought but it still may be causing
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troubles in the area. also moving along, stretching out to the 880 crossing, there is a traffic collision west pound in the area of the two trees on the left there which is what they call it so watch out for slow traffic in the area. now let's go to mark. good morning, sal. we have a dry weather forecast for today and we have some changes coming up as you can see by thursday but basically we have patchy fog this morning and that will thicken up high clouds tomorrow afternoon. there is still a bit of a chill in the air reporting some fog, napa 48 downtown san francisco 51 and our friends in haywood are reporting 52 degrees and partly cloudy skies skies. you can see high pressure
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returning and we have a dry weather pattern and mild at the warmest locations approaching the 70-degree mark. fog and thursday, there will be arraign production to a half inch and you will see that coming up with this for cat model. we have fogs moving into the region and here we go moving in with some snow out towards the sierra by this afternoon. 60s all the way to lower 70s out towards antioch and livermore and a look ahead in your five-day forecast, we have clouds with a chance of a sprinkle or light shower on sunday and that's only a chance right now. considering a rival, he is offering his partner to take
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the company private and the black stone group offered 60 cents a share more. bloomberg reports he will back the offer if he is allowed to stay on as ceo. the company called timelines incorporated saying that the word type line is set for a freed. there is a sonoma county area which has bidders pulling out their checkbooks. there is an apology and who is on the receiving end of that apology, stay tuned, we will explain.
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. welcome back, time now apple ceo cook is accusing apple of greed and arrogance. the repair service for i pads in china -- i-pads in china is second rate and they say they will repair its policies. they will have a big
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announcement but he will not reveal what it might be. they drove the electric car's stock price up after they said they will post their first profit in company history. a fire broke out shortly before 10:00 last night near washington and san bernardo avenues. it appears as if everybody got out okay. the firefighters got the fire under control within 20 minutes and worked on hot spots and the cause is not known. a winnie the pooh drawing has been auctioned off for more than $7,600. it is believed to be an original ink drawing. a manager saw it in a pile of donations and decided to set it aside but last week it was auctioned and the anonymous bidder he has until tomorrow to pay for it. sal, is it looking good out
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there if. >> for the most part, we have had a couple of things and in the santa clara valley, a good way to get there, it looks good to sunny veil and cupertino, no major problems here. remember they are clearing a crash on the venetia bridge but they will be removing it according to chp and it's slow at the bay bridge. here is mark. we have some patchy clouds developing but it is not completely clear and the rain clouds are not a factor for today. we will scale back and temperatures are ranging from the lower 60s all the way to here 70s. there is that rain cloud, especially by sunday, we have a chance of a sprinkle or shower. coming up palo alto shows its support and how the city is
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planning on weighing in over supreme court debate over proposition 8. and we are remembering the victims of oikos university, we will tell you what they have planned for the memorial at oikos university. stock openings, pam will be back with those numbers coming up.
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. welcome back, they are getting ready to ring the bell at the opening bell on the nasdaq prevent child abuse in america rang the bell ensuring healthy development of children across the country and over on the new york stock exchange, autism speaks. they are celebrating autism awareness day and it is their
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symbol because it is a puzzle because they still don't know a lot about autism and they are hoping to further donationels for their cause. -- donations for their cause. we are saying good morning for ktvu channel 2 morning news, dave clark as the morning off and i am brian flores. it was one year ago that a gunman killed seven people and tara moriarty is at the school oikos university to tell us what is being done to honor those victims, tara? >> reporter: some of them have a private memorial, they are hosting two memorial causes to remember the victims. flowers now sit on the steps here at the school at oakland airport and seven rocks
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symbolize the seven killed april 2nd, 2012. they were killed by 0-year-old one goh -- 40-year-old one goh when he walked on to the campus. he was disgunning talled -- disgun talled over a distribute with to you a significants. -- tuition. today lawmakers in sacramento are scheduled to hear arguments on proposed legislation and could the new bill have pro conveniented the -- presented the -- prevented the shooting? absolutely not, they were bought legally at the time but it could create another step to purchase tuition and an authorized dealer will have to report to the state. students will show up for classes today and we know the room where the massacre stands empty, nursing classes are no
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longer held there and it is reserved for theology lessons. we will try to get their reaction, how they feel one year later and if the campus is any safer. live in oakland ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are searching for the driver who left the scene of a rollover on state route 13. the driver left before officers arrived and they are investigating whether a person needing medical treatment is connected to the accident. this morning they are stepping up security after a man killed two prosecutors. they were killed two months after the county's deputy d.a. was gunned down and an interim
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d at -- i can trip d.a. is on now. local d.a. offices have been adding extra security because of the shootings in text and she said it's not the first time extra security has been added to protect prosecutors and their families. we have had prosecutors sent to them, live bullets sent and again we act very swiftly. >> o'malleyly said there is 10 times a year where they do this and no security guards have been harmed as a result of the threat. phillip is charged with both felonies. prosecutors say he stole $1,700 from the bang last november. court records show he was dealing with serious financial problems. and a new record reveals
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the size of california's debt, california had a negative net worth of 1.2 billion dollars ending 2012 and that's because the state spent more than it received. the increase in sales an income taxes represent the city's debt. coming up why taxes will be going on. coming undertaking a stand on gay marriages. janine de la vega is here to explain the message the city is sending and how residents are reacting. >> reporter: when we first asked people about gay marriages people started showing away and didn't want to answer but as the morning went on, people started giving their opinions on city leaders
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deciding to raise the rainbow flag in downtown's plaza. now the city decided last night in the city council chambers to go in front of the city hall and they decided that because they had to pass a residenting lying because they actually rejected proposition 8 as it defines marriage between a man and a woman. we asked them what they think about taking a stand. >> why not, everybody has their own opinion about it, there is nothing wrong with being a homosexual. >> reporter: nearly 2 dozen cities including santa clara, san mateo alameda and marin
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have joined proposition 8. last week they heard oral arguments and they are expected to make a decision in june. the decision to raise the rainbow flag reinforces restoring marriage equality for gay and lesbians in california and we will continue to hear people out as they are taking a stand on this, reporting live, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. he will step down after three years on the job. he said he is leaving because of medical issues in his family and not because of budget cuts that led to station closures. in a few hours they will perform their first concert
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since reaching a tentative deal and today is the first in a series of concerts for san francisco students in public schools. more than 10,000 students will attend as part of the educational program.$♪. >> they are talking about a crash in san jose. >> don't you love it when you come to me and i am not looking at the camera. >> yes, we have a fully loaded some must truck. southbound on the 28th 0 connect ramp, i just heard them calling for a sig alert and they are calling for a heavy duty truck, northbound 101 and it is not the busiest ramp and it is not the worst but it will be there for a bit. northbound 101, i'm not sure
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that will be affected or not but let's look at 880 first getting up to the bay bridge, that looks good but when you get to the bay bridge, there is a backup that is bigger and we had an earlier crash which got out of the way quickly. head to slow those metering lights down and they are backed up for about a 25 minute delay, let's go to mark. good morning, a nice start to the day, no raindrops, we are looking for the estuary and some of those clouds are thought in the distance. a nice quiet start, not too much of a factor right now. as far as our deadlines, we do have this, this morning clearing skies and tomorrow we will thicken cloud cover and first thing thursday, currently checking in 46 degrees downtown
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san francisco, 41 degrees and a string of 40s walnut creek and livermore at last check. yesterday's storm is long gone moving out of nevada and high pressure is returning to the region after pap chi morning -- patchy morning fog. marching on shore, 2 / 10th of an inch and this will be during the morning commute and we will have about 48 hours from now. for this afternoon for your tuesday, it is wednesday and we will thicken up. then first thing thursday, this is then wally on track and a snow producer from there partly sunny skies for the coast right around the bay, pretty much the same deal, temperatures maxing out in the 60s. they are approaching the lower
6:38 am
70s and 72 degrees. these numbers are about the same yesterday, they could be just a little warmer in the same spots, los gatos 70 degrees and there is that rain cloud ahead on thursday. we will put some more clouds especially sunday and a chance of light sprinkles and that will be on sunday. time now, the demand for work visas, how a rush to bring some of the bay areas, largest companies. and it is labor day weekend opening, and we will let you know more about the debate. 680 traffic toes look good, we will tell you more about why it will be there for a while.
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. good morning we have a major traffic problem, southbound 280 to northbound 101, this is a cement truck on its side. this may or may not be affecting 101 and drivers may not be getting a good look at this, however traffic will be bad in this area and we will have another update just ahead. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following right now.
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this morning the national rifle association is preventing school shootings and it was one year ago today a gunman killed seven people at oikos university in oakland. former nursing studio go walked on the -- one goh walked on to the campus and starting shooting. and a suspect in a wal-mart store is due in court. he faces several serious charges including hit-and-run and assault with a deadly weapon. there is disturbing information about the new bay bridge and construction, paul chambers joins us on how first responders is reporting on the new bolts. paul? >> reporter: there is good news and bad news when it comes to the bolts. it will cost about a million dollars to change and fix the situation and the good news,
6:43 am
they think they will still be able to open labor day weekend. the bolts are to hold down two steel boxes below the lower deck and they knapped last month. they tested the large bolts but they failed and although it raised doubts about how it would hold up during an earthquake, engineers okayed the installation anyway. the group that oversaw the manufacturing of the bolts tested a portion of it and looked to see if it could stretch and nine of the 14 passed however five were said to be slightly below standards because hydrogen had been introduced during manufacturing causing them to be brittle. once they sent them through
6:44 am
they assumed hydrogen was eliminated and now they do not believe it will prevent them from opening labor day weekend so caltrans hopes everything is up and running and it's a wait and see before it could be made possible. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 morning news. they will hear them out on a provision with the immigration law. this video is from another hearing back in november 2010. today's hearing focused on the part of the sb1070 where they have the legal right to prosecute anybody they know who is transported to the country illegal lie. the government is running out of work visas.
6:45 am
8 5,000 h1 visas are available and they may hit the limit by friday. it will trigger a lottery and they are trying to revamp the work visa program. a judge ruled they can rework their income but public safety is at risk if stockton cuts their budget anymore. >> we are taking a step forward and the healing has begun and hopefully we can get on some good solid footing. >> it's clearing the way to go forward with his financial plan and he wants to raise the sales tax rate paying for more police on the streets. and there are a few out there focusing on san jose, we have another crash.
6:46 am
>> unfortunately nearby southbound 280 to the connector ramp there is a crash and there is another crash northbound 101 as you get to allan would be, two crashes in the same general area and for the bound there is a new report reported. 101 is going to be slow and so is 280 in this area. westbound bay bridge we had a major crash and traffic is backed up at the toll plaza for about a 25 minute wait before you actually make it on to the bridge. 101 traffic does look good before you get to the downtown area. here is mark. and in fact if you try to track it all morning long, it is a little more of a challenge with light and here you can pick out some of the fog with coastal lights and as forecasted, temperatures are mainly up in the 40s in the
6:47 am
north bay and out towards san francisco and oakland last check it was 53 degrees. in addition to the fog we have higher clouds moving into part of bay area and it is not completely clear and there is a storm system moving out and there could be a factor with rainfall amounts on the increase. and after some of the fog this morning, skies are becoming partly cloudy later today and tomorrow we will thicken up the clouds throughout the afternoon hours no raindrops as of yet. at 5:00 some rain is beginning to march on shore between 10:00 and 11:00 and in the sierra there is rain and snow expected for the afternoon. this morning we are watching for the coast and inland valleys temperatures under partly sunny skies, 60s all the way to the lower 70s out
6:48 am
towards morgan hill and gilroy, los gatos 70s and game 2 with the a's and seattle mariners, temperatures will be close to the 60-degree mark for first pitch. there is that rain cloud for thursday morning and we are covered and by the weekend and by sunday a chance of a sprinkle or just a very light shower. >> thank you, mark, we want to take you to the new york stock exchange dow jones industrial average, 14649 and we will talk about economic news in just a moment and s&p 500 is also up, just checking its all time high was 1576 checked back in october of 2007 and i just want to pull up the s&p 500 because they are in striking distance of that number, but s&p 500 is up as well and again, it was in
6:49 am
striking distance of that record. auto makers are rain storming sales figures which reports they are forecasting. u.s. sales rose 5% and that would be the best sales mop. and those are at 5-point 5% and those will be coming in throughout the day. and they are looking at complaints on the hunt day -- hyundais and they found rust on the rear suspension frames and that could cause them to fail for the 2008 years and it could lead to a recall of those years. mapping the human brain, president barack obama, and this is live pictures and he is
6:50 am
said to announce a new research initiative and they are looking for new ways to treat this problem and we. they are noticing an increase on sea lion pups being malnourished. we will have more on that research and how they are nursing them back to health.
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. >> there is new concern surrounding sea lions. they say there is an increase in the number of starving pups found and right now they found 30 sea lion pups from california. they say over the last month more than 900 pups have come ashore malnourished. and they were born in a nest on top of city hall and easter sunday two eggs hatched and several hatched last year at that time. the last egg is expected to hatch in the next day or two. we are learning what caused the crash which took the life of a woman and left her son
6:54 am
injured. the driver may have swerved to avoid a chair in the road causing his car to go off the road and 157 feet down an end bangment. the driver was rushed to the hospital and is now in critical condition. they have a new plan to raise rent for new tenants and many see it as an alternative. they will decide the exact rent increase in the coming months. and tonight they will discuss a plan for new housing and retail centers and there is a cause for building senior housing and a new safe way store at the oak grove store. opponents are worried about increased traffic and how it
6:55 am
could hurt existing businesses. president barack obama is getting ready to announce a new approach and how we understand how our brain works. how is more on waiting for that a big announcement and the treatment is supposed to help with traumatic brain juries and alzheimer's disease and we are seeing stanford university professors along with others and we are there live waiting for the president's announcement on government funded research. time now 6:57 we are with sal and we are looking at the traffic. sal? southbound 280 an overturned truck and at 208 a
6:56 am
three car -- 280 a three car crash there. let's go to mark. fog has been increasing in coverage since we started 4:30 and temperatures are ranging from lower 60s to lower 70s and another storm is coming in on thursday, approaching the weekend we have a chance of a sprinkle or light shower on sunday. we are marking a tragic university in oakland which started one year ago. and a crash on the peninsular, why the cab driver is now in custody, stay with us.
6:57 am
6:58 am
big troubles in san jose along northbound 101 and 280. a couple of different crashes there making a mess of the morning commute. >> reporter: we're live in oakland where the community remembers those killed at oikos university one year ago today. we'll tell you what memorials they have planned. the nra is getting ready to unveil their latest plan to prevent school shooting the. and new information on the big bolt problem on the bridge. "mornings on 2" starts right now.
6:59 am
good morning, everybody. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm brian flores. >> i'm tori campbell. it's tuesday, april 2nd. dave clark is off today. breaking news from san jose. sal is following a bad accident that's causing big problems for the morning commute in the santa clara valley. >> that's right, tori and brian. this is the southbound connector ramp. it's a flipped over cement truck. minor injuries to someone involved in that crash. also, just up the road, northbound 101 at alum rock between 280 and alum rock, there is a minor injury crash there as well. these two accidents are going to cause trouble for the morning commute on 101 and on 280 in this area. so please give yourself extra time. another traffic update is just minutes ahead. back to the desk. happening right now -- president obama getting ready to announce a new government- funded research initiative aimed at improving our understanding of how


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